Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Truth about 'Forced Migration'

The following article was written by legendary MRA, Seth Shannon.
However, he took it down, because it was irrelevant to his cause.
Take note: this is a lengthy article, but well worth the effort.
It was initially titled: "The Immigration dilemma (Version 3)".
But, I dislike the original authors title.

There are many categorical issues which must be raised with regards this dilemma.

Firstly, people from around the world believe that they should freely settle into other nations. Most pretend to have "liberal" attitudes regarding immigration. But, these claims are false. Most Citizens display hostility toward outsiders in their own native countries. The media overlooks the fact.
Most immigrants shun the idea of multiculturalism within in their homelands.

Even the few nations which have multiple ethnic groups, are still bound by one culture. Places such as The Philippines and Singapore maintain one culture, despite a physical divide.

But, here in America, this common-tie is deliberately being challenged. All previous immigrants from our distant past willingly blended into the American culture. But, today, the Spanish-Speaking immigrants, clearly intend to compete against existing culture.

Each immigrant wants to maintain ethnic purity within their own native homelands. Their common law strictly excludes foreign settlement. We might refer to this as "the immigration double-standard". (It's somewhat comparable to the 1960's Liberal goal, to disarm our entire U.S. military in the name of world peace. Failing to realize that, no one else would comply with their idealistic plan.) This policy also explains why Communist governments have formed throughout the 20th century. Despite their repressive nature, it ensures that no outsiders will ever be able to compromise their singularity. Thus, countries such as Vietnam and Korea intend to remain ethnically pure for thousands of years to come. This "double standard" is simply unfair to the American, as well as European population. We freely allow immigrants to enter our country. While, in return, they altogether prohibit outsiders.

Another important issue regards the simple fact, that, Progressive Activists are contradicting their own ideals regarding environmental conservation. They have allowed untold millions to enter. And, in doing so, these newcomers quickly use our resources. (while, at the same time, their native populations quickly recover). Yet, no one considered the consequences brought on by mass-immigration. It's noteworthy to point out: most foreigners are very wasteful compared to native-born Americans. They do not recycle used plastics & metals. In cold weather, unreasonably warm temperatures are maintained inside their homes. Most notably, their birth-rates are dangerously high. Also, laborers from Latin America are notorious for discarding new material on Job-sites.

Beyond all else, the major fault does not rest upon the immigrants themselves. But instead, we must recognize the corrupt intentions of Political advocates. They are actually trying to tamper with our election process.
In other words, they are literally trying to fix our future elections, such that all seats will someday be controlled by one Party. Preventing anyone else from being fairly represented. This could explain their sinister intentions. This goes against everything which our democratic process stands for. But more importantly, Advocates fail to realize the dire consequences which could eventually result from these actions. It could one day destabilize the entire U.S. government, along with the free world as a whole. It could also lead to an uprising, by the people, against the American government.

Let's also examine the discriminatory attitudes of many immigrants. Often, they only give employment opportunities to members within their own ethnic group. In other words, they will strictly hire their own people. And they refuse to offer opportunities to others. (This also includes abuses of the temporary guest worker programs). Several employers from abroad have nearly eliminated the English-speaking worker. Many legal immigrants have entered this country merely for benefit of their own ethnic group. And, within daily employment,they block-out the native population.

We must also consider the original concerns of the US government during the first mass-immigration. It was vital, that no single ethnic group should enter in disproportionately large numbers. Today, the wave of illegal aliens from Mexico represent some 60 percent of the total number of immigrants. Plus, when including Latin America as a whole, surmounts to 90% of all immigration. Whereas many areas in this world see little activity.

Furthermore, the American people have long suspected bias against those peoples who are lighter-skinned. Perhaps, this is the reason why the Slovakian population cannot freely enter our country. Ironically, their physical appearance is quite different from the European groups, but they share similar skin-texture.

Thus, Extremists regard Slovakian people as "too European" for allowance into this country. When first traveling abroad, many truths regarding the U.S.C.I.S. were discovered (then called the I.N.S.) . Their front Web-page headline featured the Ill-famed "diversity lotto". It's very name proved exactly what many had already suspected. Our immigration department is deliberately trying to flood this country with specific types of people from abroad. They clearly give preference for those who are non-European. (Plus, one might also wonder who was given authority to promote these biased immigration laws.)

It's so important to remember:
We mustn't look at this issue alone, without considering the additional past negative deeds by Mainstream Activists. They have been destroying our society in every possible way, spanning over 40 years. (for example: Televisions programs which claim that it's preferable to raise families without fathers). Hollywood has also played a large part in creating unfair stereotypes. Plus, let us not forget the dozens of daytime talk-shows which have stripped our children of their innocence. So, with these factors in mind, we must view the immigration issue in it's overall context. Apparently, Extremists are once again attempting to destroy this country even further.

Perhaps, it also explains why they invite immigrants who are either hostile toward us, or, those who adapt poorly to our culture. Let's us consider, such activists have already been thoroughly controlling every aspect of our lives {aside from the immigration issue}. Thus, all current affairs follow this typical pattern of forceful tyranny.

Other problems regarding immigration derive from the sheer abuse of constitutional power. A few states, such as New York, and The USCIS in Vermont yield vastly too much power in determining who enters our country.

This mass-immigration spanning a few short years, indicates how quickly the problem can spiral out-of-control. Yet many claim that it's not yet noteworthy. But this logic doesn't hold. Obviously, the numbers of aliens will continue this trend, without intervention.

Ironically, the media has brain-washed native-born women to shun the idea of producing children. Meanwhile, illegal aliens are clearly attempting to produce as many babies as possible. While, at the same time, births in their native countries will also increase, in order to compensate for the large numbers who have parted their homeland. In short, they believe in the idea of "rule by populous". And, it's rather odd how so-called progressives would agree with such an irresponsible idea toward population growth.

Let's also consider, most Legal immigrants believe, there should be no limitations whatsoever.
In their view: all aliens, whether legal or illegal should be allowed passage into this country, without any proper screening.
In other words, most Naturalized Citizens have obscenely irresponsible attitudes toward the issue. This suggests, they do not merely enter this country as individuals. Rather instead, they act together as a group. Their goal is to weaken America as a whole. We must take a realistic viewpoint toward this matter. Countless enter this country with ill-intent. They dislike the Caucasian population, as well as our cultures.

Plus, they've been taught to believe, that, America doesn't really belong to any settlers. More so, they don't even accept the validation of our U.S. government. Therefore, we should not allow such individuals to freely enter this country.

In the past, many people have come to regard illegal-aliens as kind, loving people. And they should all be allowed to permanently remain here for that very reason. But, in truth, this should not validate such actions. During anyone's travels outside the U.S., we are typically on my best behavior for reasons of pure survival. This explains why the illegals have acted nicely toward us, thus far. However, let's recall the lessons learned during the recent Muslim migration into France. For years, the French people never heard a single word from these immigrants. Until eventually, their numbers grew strong. And, they then began forming riots.

Another lesson was learned during travels abroad. Most nations regard themselves as the center of their own universe. This certainly holds true in Muslim nations, as well as Cuba, Vietnam, or anywhere else you can think of.
And, of course, Mexico is no exception.

Worse yet, many cultures claim true ownership of America. Using the mentality of claiming 'their ancestors settled here first'.

Radical Extremists propose the largest threat to our country. They alone can destroy America. And, it's their intention to betray the American people. America could never be taken over by an invading force. But instead, Our own people could steadily increase this aggression. In short: our problems are mostly coming from within. Perhaps, they're the same individuals who control our Universities with indoctrination. Just as they've already destroyed our society in every possible way, along with our moral values. Thus, should it surprise anyone to see their position on our recent issues? Their support for 15 million illegal aliens merely serves as the latest excuse for waging social hostility.

Mainstream Journalists also attack Christianity, while allowing all other religions to remain fully in tact. (this point was off-topic : dan2)

The Media has shown severe bigotry against the Caucasian race. (Ironically, most such activists are disproportionately white.) This could be regarded as a “self-contained” prejudice. During the 1980’s, the media would openly degrade the accomplishments of Europeans. The dogma of that time claimed that, Europe’s technology lagged several thousand years behind inventions from China and the Middle East. Apparently, they did not account for the Greek or Roman empires. They were merely comparing other civilizations to that of Northern Europe.
(Another blog already made this point - dan2)

But ironically, the media then retracted this whole idea in favor of tribal & Native American societies. They gave preference for an ancient Indian village over the industrialized, crowded European cities. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see the media’s position on recent issues.

People often try to compare this modern mass-migration, to the first wave of immigrants who entered on Ellis Island. You cannot justify another huge immigration, just because it had already taken place 100 years before. This is not the 19th century, nor, is there any longer room for people to grow.

Plus, besides this point, the U.S. government was taking a huge risk allowing so many immigrants into this country during that late time period. And, it could've produced disastrous results. Therefore, just because we survived the first mass-migration without incident, does not necessarily mean we could get away with it again.
Furthermore, during the late 19th Century;
Citizens from that era were not unreasonable to view the immigrants with suspicion. The Great wave of immigrants were invading a foreign land, while their native countries remained fully immune.
(Footnote: My ancestors came from that first wave on Ellis Island, but this fact does not bias my attitude toward the issue. In other words: They should have expected hardships and discrimination.

(22c) During the great wave; Immigrants were more respectful, than nowadays. They came to America, waving the U.S. flag. And, they were willing to completely abandoned their old country.

Here's an interesting issue which has never been discussed:
The native born Anglo-Americans eventually became second-class citizens in their own country. For Example: People from my New York State, came to poke fun at these people. Even during the 1970's, New Yorkers often laugh at the southern culture, their dialect, and their music. The hillbilly stereotype against Anglo-Americans actually derives from the northern immigrant population. Thus, it is quite possible for newcomers to displace the native-born peoples. Perhaps, we should learn that lesson.

All-in-all, the immigrants from the late 19th century did not destroy our society. But, history could have very well taken a different path. During the first migration, there was no thorough study done beforehand on the possible harms which might derive from this rapid growth.
In fact, the middle class Americans did suffer tremendously, while only the rich classes benefited from it all.
(This is similar to today's immigration. It has vastly increased our cost of living, whilst the immigrants compete against middle-class America for jobs and living space. While only The wealthy Americans have gained tremendously from all of this.)

We should also remember another lesson learned from the past:
In the 19th Century; the U.S. government quickly learned that some groups of immigrants propose a serious threat to our stability. For example: immigrants from Eastern Europe proved to be more troublesome than those from Western Europe. Today, our immigration department hasn't even bothered to look into this possibility regarding various ethnic groups. Or perhaps, they deliberately welcome those who are most hostile toward us.

Later protests by illegal aliens indicates, that, they might someday attempt wage a full-scale war against the United States. Illegal aliens believe they can prove victorious just by their sheer overwhelming numbers. Mexicans fail to remember the lessons learned back in 1521. Nonetheless, This reckless behavior should be taken seriously. Meanwhile, whether that fated war comes or not, the overall population growth will rapidly spiral out of control.

And perhaps, starvation could become a realistic issue one day.

In an effort to control population growth, several American couples had once decided to limit their number of births. However, due to the recent mass-immigration, these people no longer feel such moral obligation to save Planet Earth. Thus, many of them might later chose to bear additional children. This may offer a strong hint at our destiny.
In short:
the birthrate of native-born Americans could sharply rise soon, as well.

It's acceptable to make degrading remarks against Caucasians.
Yet, no one is allowed to insult the immigrant population.
But, {I must say} {snip snip, Seth's Words],
Migrant peoples have very unusual habits, such as wearing the Veil.
Worst of all, the typical Business relationship between employer and their workers is severely imbalanced.
In other words: Latino and Chinese industries resemble hierarchical systems from the industrial revolution. This explains why the Middle Class in America is rapidly vanishing.
For example:
Good paying Maintenance work has since been reduced to a low-paying job.

[snip, snip] {Perhaps this chapter should have been removed - dan2}
{although the info is probably true}
Speaking of unusual habits:
Many foreigners have a severe case of “Curious George Syndrome”. American Construction crews perform work while accompanied by immigrants. And, it’s not uncommon for our workers to be closely watched by them for several hours.   They study your habits closely.  Perhaps because they're hoping to learn.  But nonetheless, it's very unsettling when an immigrant stares at you for long periods of time.

In many foreign countries, there are few rights for middle management. This inhumane treatment can be witnessed on job-sites within immigrant communities. With all considered, we cannot ignore yet another aspect to the immigration dilemma. It’s called “culture shock”. This is one thing which the media is forbidden to discuss. However, these factors should be taken into consideration.

{footnote: this is when Mr. Shannon first made the famous quote, coming up next:}
Let's point out the difference between consequential diversity and forced diversity.
Nearly every ethnic group from around the Globe has long been represented in N.Y.C. alone. Yet, anger was never felt toward them. But, there's now cause for suspicion as to why such large numbers have been allowed within such a short period of time.
Lobbyists are clearly handling the whole matter at a reckless pace. Why would the U.S.C.I.S. allow such huge numbers of immigrants to petition for relatives? And, more importantly, how long can this continue?
Lobbyists intend to bring several hundred million new immigrants into this country, unless they are stopped.

The media claims to promote a diverse range of ethnicity. But, in truth, they give preference for those with the most exotic physical appearance. More so, this diverse ethnicity exists only for the time being.
But, (Activists hope) years from now, the newcomers could altogether replace today's Americans.
Bottom line:
The Radical goal is to remove the existing face of America within 50 years time. today, we see a "diverse range" of peoples in America. But, if Neo-Liberals achieve their goal, the face of America could soon become 100% exotic. Let us remember the already-proven destructive nature of Extremism, prior to this issue.

Also, the media shouldn't lie about "diversity". None of these immigrants celebrate multiculturalism. Instead, they merely "celebrate" their own ethnic heritage. For example: the Puerto Rican day parade pays tribute to their singular culture.

Some Activists will also try to use world history as a justification for their actions.
For example: this migration is merely an attempt to reverse the spread of Anglo-European influence spanning the past three centuries. This idea is flawed from the start. Most immigrants come from the Hispanic nations, which can usually trace it's ancestry to the conquistadors. (da !!!!!). Obviously, this is where the Spanish language derives from. Also, during the 1960's; the entire western hemisphere was already predominantly Latino.
The United States and Canada are the only two Anglo-based nations on this half of the world. Interestingly, The USA has already been the most open-minded country regarding its immigration policies. Thus, what need is there to induce rapid transformation ?

Also, throughout most of human history, The Asiatic race has controlled the majority of the world's land mass. This includes Asia, The Himalayas, Siberia, the entire South Pacific, Oceania... PLUS surprisingly; all of North and South America.
The American Indians, as well as the Inca and Aztec tribes are members of that Asiatic race. Meanwhile, Europe is a very small continent. And, if the Mongol invaders had been successful in their attacks against Europeans, we would've been reduced to the British Isles.
Thus, as you can see, America owes nothing to the world !!!!!
We have no obligation to give land to anyone.

Never before has any people willingly given away their nation. Yet, Neo-Hippies are attempting this here in the United States, as well as several European Nations. This is unprecedented in World History.

mainstream Media also attempts to address the issue of Mexicans as "native Americans".
Our response is clearly, that, no humans are native to this hemisphere.
One could easily joke about the issue: "only the Allosaurus (dinosaur) is a true native American".

[footnote: this entire article was written prior to the discoveries of ancient European Skulls in North America. However, there were still sketchy rumors about recent discoveries. IT was definitely etchy at the time. And, Mr. probably knew little about this subject. Plus, this chapter was not included in Versions one or two. So, both early versions were obviously written prior to this upcoming topic. So bear this in mind, if the information seems uncertain- dan2]
chapter 39:
We also mustn't forget about the discovery of Kennewick man, who happens to be an ancient European fossil found in the American west. There are rumored to be several hundred of these skulls which have been confiscated by native tribes. Basically, there is strong evidence of the presence of Neolithic Europeans in North America. There is also ever greater evidence for the presence of Africans in South America at the same time. And, more compelling evidence suggesting they were victims of warfare.
Thus, illegal aliens should no longer declare true ownership of America.
Other groups claim to have discovered America before the Vikings. This idea of pre-Viking exploration exists according to Muslim folklore. And, of course, the Chinese and Japanese also make this claim. We should be weary of any group of immigrants who say that America really belongs to them.

As for Mexico:
our distorted history books teach us how the U.S. army took many lands from them during the Mexican war. This is a deceptive lie. In truth, those lands belonged to the Spanish Empire just a few decades prior to the Mexican War. Thus, most lands in the western hemisphere were based upon Spanish conquest. We must examine this war as a showdown between Anglo and Hispanic territories.
The Hispanic territories consisted of the entire South America, Central America, as well as Mexico in the North American continent. Plus, much of the American west, As well as Florida. Not to mention; the large islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. As you can see, the Hispanic areas were much, much larger than the English speaking territories.

And, quite frankly; if not for 3 days of battle between the British and Spanish during 1588, the entire western hemisphere would be solely Hispanic today. Plus, the concept of human freedom would have never been devised.
{footnote: this tiny chapter later developed into an entire article -dan2}

There's a simple point to be made. Nobody has the right to steal America, nor should we let them.
While discussing world history: someone could easily argue, that, the Aztec empire of Mexico was amongst the most violent and unjust societies ever. Or, mention the fact, that, China held nearly 1/4 of the world's total population for nearly 1,000 years. Or, we could examine the Muslim invasions which stretched from Constantinople to the Far East. In short, America owes nothing to the rest of the world.

Illegal immigration is actually far worse than a mere populous issue.
It's a sign of total disrespect, for someone to believe that they can become citizens just by entering this country. Thus, one cannot expect an illegal alien to comply with our laws. They are displaying complete disregard for our policies. We alone should decide the terms of immigration. Instead, the illegals have determined these factors, such as the rate of immigration. Plus, they believe that no screening for disease or criminal record is necessary.

This leads to an undesirable personality. Many aliens also believe that they should avoid their tax obligations. Plus, they feel a sense of diplomatic immunity. They needn't obey laws, procedures, or traffic signs. Plus, they disregard our customs & traditions.

Many people say, that, it's impossible to take action against illegal immigrants. This is somewhat ironic, when you consider how much Big Government has waged against us during recent times. They have the power to force private businesses to comply with affirmative action laws. Activists have also dictated that, men and women are not allowed to flirt with one another at the office. It's also quite noticeable, how, our courts legally give full parental rights to the child’s mother. As, they also have the power to thoroughly corrupt our schools with political correctness. basically, our freedoms are slowly being taken away.

Yet, those same tyrants claim that nothing can be done regarding illegal immigration.
(have you wondered why they've allowed the problem to grow this far out-of-control?)
....Actually, there is much which can be done. Firstly, no illegal alien can be legalized through marriage, or through any other loophole in the system.

Perhaps, one solution to the illegal-alien dilemma is to place illegal aliens on temporary work orders. And, when that work order expires, they must then return to their native country. This would allow a gradual removal. We can permanently deny citizenship to all illegals and their family members. This would force them to comply with their temporary work order.

Also, rather than requiring illegal aliens to pay huge penalties, and $ 50,000 each in back taxes; Congress instead suggested only a $500 dollar fine. This proves distinct bias on the part of Mainstream Activists.

Also, everyone is quite aware of the harsh consequences imposed upon most Americans who’ve attempted to work 'under-the-table'. This is usually subject to criminal prosecution, as well as, severe fines imposed. But apparently, the illegal aliens are exempt from these rules.
(Meanwhile, the Government strictly monitors American Citizens. In one case, a failing Local Business was accused by New York State of tampering with our finances.)

We must also reform the process of legal immigration, as well.
No immigrant should be allowed to petition family members.
Nor, should temporary workers be allowed to gain citizenship.
All temporary workers must comply with their temporary work order.
There should be no loop holes whatsoever which could enable a temp-worker to gain full citizenship.
As a whole, we should be more willing to grant temporary work-orders, than full citizenship.

guest-workers should not be allowed to gain status through marriage. Migrants often marry through a process of Courtship, without love. This is similar to the Manner in which Anglo-Americans married in the early 18th Century.
Ironically, so-called Liberals see nothing wrong with these marriages between strangers.
(Meanwhile, the American women are taught to avoid marriage and love.)

[this following chapter is obsolete. It was included in Version 3c, when Congress was attempting to give unconditional amnesty. -dan2]
Our entire political system has come into question. The blanket amnesties passed by Congress may very well indicate the deep flaws within our government.
For starters, most Americans vote for politicians whom they know virtually nothing about. The media is primarily responsible for this overall public ignorance. Worse yet, our government is trying to secretly force bills into law.
[It's no longer relevant, but, he then goes on to say:]
This explains why the first amnesty bill moved along so quickly, before anyone had a chance to realize exactly what was going on. In retaliation; Congress should be hit back with the same force. We, the people, should demand emergency elections in order to remove corrupt Senators from office. George W. Bush would also be included in this accusation. There is no excuse for going back on his word regarding immigration. Although, other issues, such as raising taxes, and promising to end the war, are beyond his control, his change of position regarding illegal immigration is an impeachable offense. Someday, when the U.S. government crumbles, these events of 2006 will be remembered as the smoking gun.
[Once again, this was an added chapter which only gained relevance in 2006. Also note that George W. Bush was never a solid choice to fight against chain migration. It leads to wonder why everyone believed he would fight for the American workers. End of Footnote -dan2]

Amnesties defeat the whole purpose of our legal system. Why should we even bother to make laws in the first place? More interestingly, why are there no amnesties for the common American citizen?

Follow this:
Our left-winged government workers offer the necessary documentation which brings countless legalized immigrants to America. And, in return, the immigrants accept this diplomatic bribe, by voting for the most liberal politicians.
The Media also remains silent while USCIS allows immigrants to petition for relatives. Does any law specify how many may be petitioned? If so, these laws are clearly not being enforced.

Not surprisingly,
most workers at the USCIS have extremely pro-immigration attitudes ( DUH !!!).
Thus, an outside government committee is needed to oversee this entire department.
Why is it vital for the USCIS to allow passage for so many immigrant hopefuls?
It seems patronizing to suggest that one needs to reside in the U.S.A., in order to achieve happiness. {and, it also seems somewhat pathetic to me. -dan2}
Plus, it's also quite deceptive. Many left-winged extremists pretend to be the saviors for millions of immigrants. But, perhaps, there's another reason why they want so many immigrants to remain in America. They are merely looking for a cheap source of labor, which can be fully taken advantage of. And, the "illegals" also pay high rents for one-room apartments.

But more so, the USCIS is also hurting many 3rd world nations, by stealing their best medical workers, and bringing them to the U.S.A.; instead of applying their talents where needed most.
{this chapter probably influenced later material written by numbersusa -dan2}

'Liberal' extremists have spent 50 years destroying religion in America. But now, they've suddenly unleashed mass-immigration to peoples from the world's most strictly religious societies. This proves the sheer irrationality of it all. Most immigrants live by the most reserved lifestyles. Yet, the voting class of immigrant citizens perennially choose Liberal politicians. (Ironically, these immigrants would never approve of Liberal ideas). By similar accounts, Latino men (including Mexicans) are known for their forthright behavior toward females. (this also contradicts progressive dogma. For Years, they've disallowed men and women from freely interacting with one another).

This also establishes a simple fact: Lobbyists obviously lack overall common-sense regarding their policies on immigration. The sheer numbers of immigrants entering this country proves testimony to their incompetence.

Back in 1986, there were several Hundred Thousand illegal immigrants who were eventually granted amnesty. This has proven to have disastrous long-term consequences. Let us also remember, that, the Cuban government was deliberately sending their undesirables to this country.

Today, most illegal aliens are obviously from Mexico. This could be considered a calculating, full scale invasion against the United States? How can millions of illegals cross our border over the course of a mere decade? This is an obvious conspiracy being planned within the schools and gathering places of Mexico.

Latin America has a different value system regarding Marriage & courtship. Whether here or abroad, they tend to marry quickly after a brief meeting period. Additionally, Progressives should consider it irresponsible for 3rd world couples to produce as many babies as possible.
It's rather odd, allowing passage for immigrants who bear such animosity toward us.

Ironically, foreigners often criticize America, while fleeing their homelands. Muslims enter America in order to escape severe oppression.
The illegals also come here because they are 2nd class citizens back home.
(Incredibly: this topic has never been discussed:
--illegal Aliens are 2nd Class citizens in their own country.)
Mexico is comprised of several Hispanic physical appearances. Yet, only one of these physical types enters our country.

For long, Socialists have attempted to transform America into a bi-lingual society. And what exactly gives these activists the Will or Authority to promote these ideals ?

Some people sincerely feel there should be more understanding of others. Firstly, why should this "tolerance" particularly pertain to the Spanish language? Of all possible languages in this world, why chose to become more open-minded mainly toward those who speak Spanish? The actual reason is because, Latino's represent very numerous groups throughout The Americas. And, when Islamic immigration began to rise; the Activists suddenly became pro-Islam.

Also, Different cultures can be recognized and celebrated, while admiring them from afar. For example: Glorifying Persian accomplishments can be achieved at Museums and Text books. It's not necessary to bring huge masses from that region; just to recognize them.

So, it's somewhat ironic how Bold Activists have always been recognized for their courage. Yet, their refusal to challenge immigration proves otherwise.
This could, one day, lead to a "popularity contest" of epidemic proportions.
We are encouraging the illegals to gain power through mass reproduction.
This world is already over-stressed.
How will our farms be able to feed the masses 50 years down the road?

For those who inside on remaining open:
Perhaps; the next generation will introduce several dozen new languages to America.
Or, maybe, they’ll modify the English language to the point where it is unrecognizable. This is why it’s necessary to take a firm stance against Neo-Progressives.

We should learn our lesson from decades of history.
All too often, people tend to back down whenever Activists formulate organized protests.

(66) Feminists take a position in favor of mass-migration without limitation.
How on Earth would they give involved with this issue ? Perhaps, this alone should give cause for suspicion.

Many people claim that it’s okay for a person to speak in their native language, so long as they adapt to the English language as well. This is totally false and misleading. While most languages play little factor, there are millions of bi-lingual American citizens who fluently speak Spanish. This enables them to discriminate against those outside their culture. The E.E.O.C. could walk onto any Job-site and witness this firsthand. discriminatory behavior is openly practiced by the Hispanic community. They are different peoples bound by a singular language.
Also, America should welcome potential citizens who intend to become 100% American. Such examples include German Peoples, French, British, Filipino, Hindu, and others.
Why then, do Lobbyists specifically pander to those potential immigrants who choose not to fully adapt ? This is a deliberate act of hostility on the part of Neo-Progressives.

As always, the media is trying to influence our current events. They've tried to "bully" our politicians into accepting Chain Migration, or face the consequence of being labeled "racist". We also hear about upcoming protests, before they've actually taken place. This is not valid journalism. Essentially, Mainstream media is trying to alter the outcome of politics. The Media has a long history of played an interval role promoting hostilities. And, just as always, these activists expect others to fully submit to their demands.
Illegal Aliens constantly demonize the United States.
Ironically, Mexican Citizens would never dare criticize their own Mexican government, mainly due to harsh consequences.
And, when Gang Violence became epidemic throughout Mexico, the American Media remained tactful.

Democrats have also betrayed the African-American community. Blacks have suffered tremendously, as a result of the presence of illegal aliens. More so, Legal immigrants come to America with full intentions of invading the black community. (But amazingly, blacks initially took a position in favor of mass-immigration. This is, once again, due to the media's part in influencing their decision).

It's also ironic, that, many Legal immigrants today live by a system of financial greed. (For example: A 1st Generation naturalized citizen owns 7 apartment complexes. Yet, he refuses to renovate any of his properties.)

Latino communities promote severe divide amongst the social classes. This defies the supposed Liberal principles against those evils. Let us remember, many immigrants come from nations which practice extreme exploitation of the lower classes. Far worse than the American capitalist system. And, Many legal immigrants bring this grossly unequal standard to our American cities. The social classes divide more deeply in these immigrant communities, than anywhere else.

Mainstream Media often taunts the Caucasian population, because their numbers are supposedly on the rapid decline. (Oddly enough, these claims are highly exaggerated, and just plain untrue. Our populations are stable, while other cultures promote over-population.)
Let's not confuse the issue. This Chapter merely shows that we're dealing with an Evil, disgusting Mainstream media.

For what it's worth, American men are reluctant to settle down because current laws are unfair. So, there's a simple way to reverse this problem. We must pass legislation which grants equal parental custody. This is the reason why our conflicts from within. (Actually, The Emancipation Proclamation SHOULD prevent wives from literally enslaving their ex-partners.)

It's rather odd how Congress passes legislation aimed at destroying families. Privileges are given to Single Mothers, to the extent where couples actually prevent marriage in order to receive extra benefits.

Some events have quickly been silenced by The News Industry. Have you forgotten those cases when Illegal aliens publicly burned the U.S. flag. This should've hurt their overall cause. but amazingly, this did not changed the views of our corrupt senators.

Many Americans praise illegals because they work very hard. Let us ponder the reason why most immigrants (whether legal or illegal) follow this pattern of hard work: This is how they wage economic warfare against middle-class America. Indeed, most immigrants work much harder here, than they would back home. It leads one to wonder why, they haven't made similar attempts to build their native countries.

Let us remember:
immigration Policies are an unfair one-way street. Americans don't have the same opportunities to settle in foreign hostile territories. In a large sense, there is nowhere else for Americans to go. Why then, should we fight for limited space with those same immigrants who's native lands exclude outsiders?

Here's a frightening idea:
There is NO LIMIT to the numbers of people who would try to settle in this country, if allowed to do so. That figure could have easily jumped to a Billion immigrants, if we had turned a blind eye.
In fact: the migration of illegal aliens would have NEVER stopped, if not for websites, such as Numbers USA.

The problem of Chain Migration was never recognized by Mainstream Media.
basically, the Public became aware, before hearing about the issue on News Channels.
[snip, snip. here's a typical debate from 2002: With the upcoming senator elections, the media listed some 20 different topics of debate, without even including the immigration issue. -dan2]

Lobbyists have always been quite naive regarding the issue of forced Migration.
For example: Muslims control vast territories around the world. And, if millions were allowed to enter any country (such as USA, France, Holland, Sweden), their medieval values could influence our culture.

Also, Immigration by hostile outsiders can weaken this nation, while strengthening our enemies. This could place any nation into a vulnerable position. We would have a difficult time defending ourselves, during an emergency. And, to say the least, it would give those Foreign Powers a distinct advantage.
We could, one day, be forced into a military conflict. But, today's immigrants would NOT provide a source of manpower or strength. Whereas, immigrants from the previous century fought alongside the native-born Anglo-Americans, during the first two world wars.

During his infamous speech; George W. Bush has praised war veterans of Mexican American descent. …But, this heart-warming story is not backed by statistical evidence.
Many lecturers have given powerful speeches in favor of the illegal-aliens. They claim that, "justice is being served", or that, "all Americans are entitled to their civil rights". Let us bear to mind, these lecturers are able to manipulate ANY issue, just by their sheer verbal skills.
Does anyone remember the Lorena Bobbitt case, where a woman viscously mutilated her husband? The media portrayed her as the victim, nonetheless. And, it all seemed so convincing.
[ -Snip Snip: here's a newer example, which was not included in the article. During the Superbowl on February 7, 2010; there was a controversial advertisement where a Football player simply stated that his mother chose Life. Immediately, Women's Groups began to call the advertisement Misogynist. And, also claimed its message promotes violence against women-]
By similar terms, Senators describe the blanket amnesty bill as “earned legalization”.

Just go visit any Wealthy Country Club; and there are scores of Migrant Workers serving the rich. Perhaps this explains why our Senators intend to grant full amnesty to the lower classes. They want to hire subordinates, so they may continue serving them!

Regarding the illegals from Mexico:
why would somebody enter this country, if they speak no English whatsoever?
The answer may suggest their intentions to maintain their native language. Historically, immigrants adapt very quickly to their new culture. Thus, if they haven't done so yet, then, they truly have no intentions of doing so.

It is irresponsible for Congress to accept massive work orders, because it creates economic instability. However, it's not necessary to grant citizenships, if ther's an option of hiring temporary workers.
There's no justification for hiring permanent workers; if temporary work visas are already available.

Migrant workers often attempt to join this debate. But each Nation should decide its own policies without others dictating their terms.

Although temporary workers take the jobs of Hard-Working Citizens, this should be considered a different category than legalized citizenship.

When amnesties were proposed in the past; this did not merely include a few thousand cases. Rather instead, this would involve millions; plus the possibility of including those who might suddenly enter. And, even Amnesties to those displaying good behavior would still involve nearly 750,000 potential cases. Therefore: amnesties should never be considered.

When illegal immigration is concerned; that person's country of origin is completely irrelevant. thus, Mainstream media cannot steer the issue toward this direction.

Much attention has been given to the plausible cultural impact. However, 3rd world economics can steer America toward a similar financial state.
For example: Within a decade, the entire construction industry became a low-paying profession. Example: an actual case where Migrant Roofing workers were paid 7 dollars per hour, in Peekskill New York, during 1999. Perhaps this is yet another reason why our politicians support blanket amnesties for these workers. Their presence will certainly increase the imbalance of power between social classes. Statistics prove that, our management companies have gained vast wealth over a 10 year span. While middle-class construction workers have suffered a huge decrease in pay.

Many people insist that cheap labor can help lower the cost of living.
Here's a simple equation: Between 1990 and 2000, cost of Construction Labor lowers dramatically. However, the contractors still raised their rates some 20%. Meanwhile, the cost of housing doubled. therefore, savings were not passed onto the customer.

One would assume, that, the influx of males would vastly out-number that of females. However, this does not seem to be the case. Most female illegals are non-athletic, and, family-orientated. Thus, it's likely they are receiving help entering this country, from members of the U.S. border patrol.
This is pure stipulation, without evidence to support this claim.

Most legal immigrants are actually quite disappointed by the high cost of living in the U.S.A. They were seeking a better lifestyle. This can only be achieved by improving your country of origin.

But, as we've seen, some Legal immigrants are suspiciously wealthy beyond comprehension. The largest homes always bear foreign ownership. And, for those unable to meet the enormous expense, they will simply petition family members to help support the costs. So, after further review; it's been determined that current laws give tax breaks to immigrants.
This matter must be investigated more thoroughly.

Today’s immigration procedure as come to resemble a form of “reverse Eugenics”. The USCIS shows preference for those with the more extreme physical features. Some peoples in this world have refused to breed with outsiders for several thousands of years. This is why their characteristics are so deeply defined. Readers should not take offense by these remarks. Nor should we advocate bigotry. However, isn’t it just as unfair to discriminate against those with an attractive physical appearance?
Should we deny passage to a ‘beautiful angelic blond-haired, Long-legged, blue eyed Scandinavian’ just because her look is deemed unfavorable to Feminists?

Oddly enough, the media condemns those who feel there's a need for immigration reform. This suggests that we're supposed to keep quiet, or else, risk being bullied by Mainstream Journalists.

During the Amnesty of 1986; most Americans supported this legislation.
Therefore, you cannot play the race card.

What about the greedy capitalist who hired illegal aliens, in the first place?
Shouldn't they be subjugated with heavy penalties?
Perhaps, the State should seize their assets.

It's difficult to give an exact year; but Left Winged Citizens began joining the fight to lower the numbers of immigration.
This was mainly due to the severity of this problem. The media has tried to surround the issue with racial dogma. But, then again, that's how most issue are handled by media.

Needless to say, amnesty would accelerate future illegal migration.

Chain Migration is an example of Corporate greed. This is why more Progressives should support lower immigration. Wealthy Businesses prefer hiring Migrant Workers, for the purpose of lowering the pay-scale.

Throughout the 1990's, Greedy Businessmen would commonly hire scores of illegal aliens. This was often done in clear view. Yet, these owners never seemed terribly worried about possible repercussions.

It’s somewhat odd to see large-scale immigration from the world’s strictest nations. SO, we interviewed a gentleman who migrated from mainland China. At first, it seemed surprising that anyone could successfully escape a Communist regime. We asked him how it was possible for anyone to break away from this government of hardliners. But, he said, “It was very easy”. Their government is more than happy to allow their people to expand elsewhere. Most countries in South America, as well as the Middle East, have similar policies.

It’s important to clarify misconceptions regarding immigrant workers. Our employers in the construction industry show a clear preference for hiring illegal aliens, rather than 7th generation Mexican Americans. The implications are profound. Often, Latino American Citizens are replaced by illegal workers.
The employers are driven by power.

If workers demand better conditions, employers have the option of absorbing another influx of newly arrived workers.
And, once they demand higher pay, their bosses will simply demand another influx of newly arrived workers.

there's a myth claiming that Latino workers are simply more productive.
But, there are several flaws with this theory. For starters: most employees perform a distinct daily project. (Example: There's no reason to assume that one Janitorial worker can out-perform another. Each worker has a task to fulfill.)
secondly: it's a prejudice remark with unfair implications.
Here’s another example to prove this point: regardless of a workers country of origin, employers give distinct preference for those who entered here illegally. This includes undocumented workers from Ukraine, China, Haiti, Viet Nam, Mexico, and others. While a legally naturalized citizen from these countries would be less desired by employees.

There is no shortage of available workers in The United States, or, other Nations.

The Spanish language is actually not native to the Mexican people. Thus, using this logic; Activists could attempt to re-introduced the old Teotihuacan-Aztec language. Neo-Progressives have a long history of forcing their ideas upon you. Judging from previous examples not relating to the immigration issue:
Activists never stop dictating rules which others must follow.

There is a simple solution regarding any further debates over this matter.
Migrant workers could legally be placed on a temporary work-order. And, when that time expires, they must then return to their native country (at the financial expense of their employers).

There is yet another problem regarding this whole issue:
Illegal immigrants regard themselves as being exempt from our laws. This goes beyond the prospect of amnesty. While our government constantly watches over the American people, they completely turn a blind eye toward the ethics of our newcomers. They seem to have mistaken foreign presence with all-out “diplomatic immunity”.
[FOOTNOTE- all of Europe practices the same preferential treatment toward immigrants -dan2].

[Footnote- Chain Migration has plunged America into a Depression. This is not due to any errors of workmanship. Rather instead: rapid migration creates a very uncertain and unstable economy. And, it's difficult to project long-term trends.

Naturalized Citizens tend to see themselves as being above the law. Bilingual members of the Hispanic community have long ignored our guidelines set forth by the EEOC.

For those who wish to celebrate the different peoples of the world, then perhaps, they should begin traveling the globe extensively. There’s no need to bring the entire world to their doorstep.
But, in reality, the Neo-Progressives are actually a hateful group. And their true goal is celebrate other peoples, while mistreating their own.

[snip snip. Obsolete]
This chapter discussed the type of Musical-Chairs politics being played by Congress. Thus, If one bill fails, they could simply re-arrange the words, and propose yet another bill. This is somewhat similar to forced elections which have brought many regimes into power.

In the future, it might be necessary to demand resignation of elected officials who ignore our best interests.

We must also enforce our anti-discrimination laws. When bilingual workers are given foremen status; they will only hire their own people.

[snip, snip: off topic]
If bias journalists deliberately promote issues to conform with their agenda, then it should be considered a breach of professional ethics. More so, the American people could simply refuse to buy such biased material.

From the start: The Media should have exposed Corporations who prefer hiring Migrant Workers (rather than Americans). This alone could have easily solved the problem. In other words: Potential violators would have become too worried about getting unwanted bad-press. Indeed, The News Industry could have stopped the threat of Illegal Aliens.

Note that non-compliant Corporations should be penalized heavily. These businesses do not merely hire Migrants along with American workers. Rather instead, the native-born people are being replaced with this cheap source of labor.

The USCIS should also avoid contact with those nations who practice strict immigration policies. Their immigrant hopefuls should be given lowest priority, and slower passage into America. (Ironically, this idea would pertain to most non-European nations.)

The Spanish language should be taught in their school curriculum. This would help to remove the enormous advantage which bi-lingual immigrants have over the native population.

Finally, let's recite a great quotation:
“Immigrants assimilate, while invaders wave their own national flag.”
And yet, Congress is too misinformed to understand this message.

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